Your Baby, Week 25

baby banging on pots and pans

By now, you’ve settled into a rhythm with your baby. He’s taking a morning and afternoon nap on a fairly consistent schedule, which thankfully makes life hum along more smoothly for you!

Your little “musician” is having fun experimenting with objects and sounds.


He’s making noise banging toys together and dropping them on the floor—and of course, is also putting them in his mouth!

Make sure toys don’t have any loose parts, and that they are large enough that baby can’t choke on them.

If you say your baby’s name, does he respond? Your baby may recognize his name around now.

Check toys for lead

With your baby putting more things in his mouth, use your guide to keep your child safe from lead.

Is your house safey-checked?

We have put together a checklist to help you inspect your home - room by room - to be sure you have no hidden hazards for your child.

Jogging strollers for exercise and health

Since their introduction in 1983 jogging strollers have gained wide popularity. We tell you how to safely choose and use one.