Your Baby, Week 28

baby girl crawlingYour baby is moving!


Whether he’s scooting, creeping, or rolling, your baby is probably propelling himself in some fashion across the floor. These wormy moves are the precursors to crawling.

It’s amazing how fast your baby can cover ground—so make sure he won’t encounter hazards such as stairs, electrical cords, and houseplants.

When you have your back turned, make sure that baby is in a safe place, such as his crib or playpen.

This is a big change from having an infant that pretty much stayed put, but don’t sweat it—wait till he’s old enough to drive!

Baby-proofing 101

Now that he is mobile - take a fresh look at your house with our baby-proofing checklist.

Ear infections - ouch!

Ear infections can make even the most cheerful baby miserable. Take this quiz to see who much you know about this common illness.

Keep the twinkle in their eyes

The twinkle they get when they smile at you. The bond you feel when they look right into yours. Your little one’s eyes can say so much! Help protect them by better understanding some of the more common eye problems your infant may face.