Your Baby, Week 29

Put a bib on baby, or better yet, let her dine in her diaper—things are gonna get messy.

Baby feeding herself vegetables


Put aside your standards of kitchen cleanliness (at least temporarily), because now’s the time to let your baby feed herself.

A washable mat under her highchair will make clean-up a bit easier.

  • Offer her foods with a consistency like mashed potatoes.
  • You also can put a little breast milk or formula in a cup with handles and show her how to use it.




She’s learning, so there may be more playing than eating and drinking—it’s all part of the process!

Babying your baby's skin

Delicate skin needs gentle, soothing care—especially when it comes to the blemishes and dry skin that many babies develop. While it may be tempting to reach for the acne cream or scrub dry patches, follow these steps to help your baby’s skin be soft and smooth.

Easing a baby's stuffy nose

When your baby's nose is stuffy he is miserable. Here are some ideas to help him feel - and breathe - easier.

How much do you know about....

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