Your Baby, Week 30

playful baby boy sitting up It’s time to sit up and take notice of yet another milestone.

Between six and eight months, your baby will learn to sit up without your help! He may lean forward on his hands for some support, though.

If you’re thinking that now might be a good time to purchase a walker for your baby, think again. Most experts recommend against walkers, since they can be a safety hazard. They also don’t help your baby develop the muscles and coordination necessary for walking. Read about alternatives.

Once your little one can stand, instead try a push-car that he can hold on to and walk behind.

Protect your baby from the sun

Sun exposure boosts the risk for premature wrinkling, immune system damage, and skin cancer. And because people get most of their lifetime sun exposure by age 18, it’s especially important to start protecting your child’s skin now.

Beware of dangerous dehydration in infants

Messy diapers are bad enough, but who wants to deal with baby’s diarrhea? Unfortunately the condition isn’t just a smelly mess, it’s also a health concern, because it can lead to dangerous dehydration. Learn what to watch for and how to avoid dehydration in your baby.

Juggling work and home life - oh, my!

Trying to balance work, home and family is a tough job. Stress takes a toll on your health and happiness - read ideas from our experts to help you get a good balance.