Your Baby, Week 31

baby playing with green ballHave a ball with your baby!

Now that she is sitting up, have some fun playing together on the floor. Roll a ball to your baby and see if she can push it back to you.

At first, she won’t understand what to do, but eventually she’ll learn! Or, hide the ball partially under a blanket and have her look for it.

Play tug-of-war with a scarf—give her one end and gently pull on the other.


Remember, never leave baby unattended.

Kid-proof your bathroom

If you haven’t already started bathing her in the “big” tub, why not try one tonight? Give her some plastic cups to fill and pour. But first - read these tips for making sure your bathroom is safe and baby-proof.

Keep your child safe around water

With your baby able to move around, be careful to watch her around water - inside or outside your home. Read about how to protect your family around water.

Keep it cool, baby

Pacifiers and firm sleeping surfaces aren’t the only things that help protect against sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS. Find out what research says about running a fan while your baby sleeps.