Your Baby, Week 33

cute baby crawlingIf you see your baby on hands and feet rocking back and forth, he’s gearing up to crawl soon!

Most babies crawl between 7 and 10 months. You can encourage baby by giving him lots of time on the floor.

Place an interesting toy across the room and see if he’ll go toward it.

There’s no one “right” way to crawl—besides moving on hands and knees, babies may crab crawl, combat crawl on their bellies, or even bounce.

Once baby is proficient crawling, make things fun by creating an obstacle course with some pillows and cushions. Some babies skip crawling altogether, and that’s OK, too.

Say buh-bye to tooth decay

Did you know that babies can get cavities? They can—usually when they go to bed with a bottle filled with milk or juice. Find out how to prevent this type of tooth decay, which is also called nursing bottle caries.

Teaching with toys

Between the ages of 7 and 9 months, your baby will start to develop speech and other skills. You can make playtime learning time by choosing the right toys and showing your baby how they work.

Be careful with over-the-counter medicines

Your little one is not feeling his usual self. What are over-the-counter medicines and what do you need to be careful of with young children?