Your Baby, Week 34

Mom and baby with toy phoneBaby’s learning that she can do more with her thumb than just suck on it—the ability to grasp something between her thumb and forefinger is developing now.

With this pincer grasp, your baby can pick up and check out small objects. Eventually she can pick up a block and pass it from hand to hand, which opens up new avenues of exploration and play!

Right now, toys that have wheels, dials, and other moving parts are great fun for baby.

Feel free to introduce some finger foods, like Cheerios. She’ll enjoy picking up food and feeding herself.

High chair 101

Mealtimes for a growing baby are times for interaction, nourishment, and … injury? Not if you follow these high chair safety tips.

Safe toy chests

You little one is probably collecting more toys now and you might be considering how to store them. Keep him safe with our list of what to look for in a toy box.

How long to breastfeed?

You made the decision to breastfeed your child. But now she’s getting older. It’s time to make another choice: When should you start weaning her?