Your Baby, Week 36

Baby standing at gateYour baby is mastering new skills all the time. You may go into her room and notice that she’s pulled herself up to standing using the side of the crib. She might get cry for help once she realizes that getting back down is not so easy!

Once baby is pulling up, check your home for top-heavy or unstable pieces of furniture and remove them or secure them to the wall, so they don’t fall on baby.

Knickknacks, picture frames, and other items that were formerly out of your baby’s reach may need to be moved, too.

Daddy time!

Dad + Baby = 1 Great Combination! Read about ways Dads can get and stay involved with their babies.

Give her a hand

Your baby's hands are really starting to work together. Reaching, grabbing, stacking, dropping. Read about this new stage and how you can help.

Tests, vaccinations and assessments, oh my!

Immunizations, tests and assessments assure you and your baby's doctor that she is growing and healthy. Consult our list of the ages and tests as a guide to use with your own doctor for your baby.