Your Baby, Week 37

happy crawling boyYour curious baby wants to investigate everything—the contents of your wastebaskets, drawers, boxes, and cabinets.

He also doesn’t have much of an attention span yet, which means nothing is safe for long!

Try giving him a shoe box full of household objects like wooden spoons, plastic containers, and such, to play with. He’ll also enjoy reading books with few pages that have textures to rub or pat—until he’s off your lap and onto something else!

You’ll notice he doesn’t want to be in confined spots like his activity chair or play yard as much anymore. There’s too much exploring to do!

Safe sleeping

After all that activity your baby should be ready to sleep. Ensure he is in the safest environment with these guidelines.

Neuro exam - what is it?

Is it time for your baby to have a full physical exam? Your pediatrician might want to conduct a “neuro exam.” Don’t worry, this series of tests designed to evaluate your child’s nervous system is painless. Here’s what it entails.

Keep your child safe from household cleaners

Colorful liquids and containers are attractive hazards in your home. Even if you lock them up between uses - be careful when leaving them out as you are using them. Read about keeping your baby safe with household cleaning supplies.