Your Baby, Week 4

mom nose-to-nose with her sleeping baby

Your newborn spends about 16 hours a day sleeping—so why are you so exhausted?

It’s not a question of how long, but when. An infant sleeps in random intervals of 30 to 50 minutes that gradually start to get longer as your baby matures.

Sleep/wake cycles vary and don’t typically stabilize until a baby is three months old.

By four months, most infants will have one five-hour period of uninterrupted sleep per day. Now that’s something to look forward to!

You may feel like you have a million things to get done, but be sure to sleep when your baby sleeps to curb fatigue.

Asleep or alert - there are distinct phases

There are recognizable phases to your baby's sleep and waking hours. Learn about these differences and how to make the most of each period.

Take care of YOU

Now that you are a parent, you are focused on your baby. Just remember, your baby needs you to be healthy too! Follow our advice to take care of your own health.

Swaddled babies sleep better

Swaddling your baby - what is it, how do you do it - and is it really better?

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