Your Baby, Week 40

baby with toy bunnyDoes your little one have a toy or stuffed animal that needs to go wherever he goes? Many babies choose a security object, or “lovey,” sometime between eight and 12 months of age.

Your baby’s lovey helps him learn to be apart from you. Because he has positive associations with it, the lovey helps him feel at ease.

Having a lovey isn’t a sign of weakness or insecurity, so there’s no need to discourage its use. It might be a good idea to have a second, identical lovey as backup in case the first one gets lost or needs a wash from time to time!

Separation anxiety means she is growing up

As your baby’s first birthday approaches, you may notice she’s becoming more anxious. She’s afraid of strangers—and especially afraid of leaving your side. Don’t worry. Separation anxiety is normal in babies ages 10 to 12 months. Here’s how to help your child feel secure.

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