Your Baby, Week 44

mom with active babyIt’s funny the first time your baby unspools the entire roll of toilet paper or throws the clean laundry on the floor.

Then, it becomes time to set some limits on baby’s behavior.

Gentle guidance and discipline can start now. A baby doesn’t understand the concept of right and wrong, so redirect your baby instead of punishing.

Firmly and gently tell him that laundry is not for throwing, and give him a ball to throw instead. Read more about discipline and your baby.

While you may sometimes be frustrated with your baby, try not to get angry with him. Screaming and yelling sets a poor example of appropriate behavior when you’re upset.

Vitamin D for strong bones

Babies drink lots of milk, so they should build strong bones, right? Well not if they’re not getting enough vitamin D, which is crucial to calcium absorption. And a new government report says most infants don’t get enough vitamin D. Fortunately, this dietary deficiency is easy to prevent.

Leaving on a jet plane

The idea of taking your baby on his first plane flight might be exciting. But often, the reality is more frazzling than fun. While you can’t control things like flight delays, following these tips can make your journey as hassle-free as possible.

Infant and convertible car seats

As your baby reaches certain milestones, her car seat needs may be changing, too. Learn the proper way to buckle up your baby so you can hit the open road safely.