Your Baby, Week 45

mothers with a child's playgroupIf your social calendar’s been lacking since you’ve had your baby, think about joining a playgroup.

You’ll get to meet other moms with babies the same age as yours—which is great for commiserating and sharing some “war stories!”

Playgroups can be a source of support and friendship, as well as a resource for the name of a good babysitter or just a good recipe.

At this age, your baby will engage in parallel play, which is playing side by side other babies, rather than interacting with them.

You can find a playgroup through your church or place of worship, your library, doctor’s office, or online.

Changing sleeping patterns

If you know anything about your baby’s sleeping pattern, it’s probably that it doesn’t coincide with yours. But learning more about your baby’s nighttime and daytime sleep needs can help you recognize what’s normal—and what’s not.

Food allergies

How can you tell if your baby has a food allergy? Symptoms include being colicky or growing slowly. Read about food allergies, common suspect foods and how to spot an allergy in your baby.

Take steps to prevent arguments - to help your baby.

A new study suggests that even young infants can be affected by parents' arguments. Read about these findings - and ways in which you can improve communications with your partner.