Your Baby, Week 48

Baby’s first small step is a giant leap toward toddlerhood.

As your baby’s first birthday approaches, she’ll be taking those tentative steps on her own, without holding on.

Some babies walk sooner, while others may not reach this milestone until 18 months of age. Your baby probably looks a little bowlegged when she’s walking—this is normal, though, and should correct itself over time.

Barefoot walking is best for baby, as it strengthens the feet and ankles. If you’re going to be outside, though, your baby will need shoes to protect her feet. Choose flexible, rubber-soled shoes so that baby doesn’t slip.

Thumb sucking - is it a problem?

Sucking is one of your baby’s most natural reflexes—but is there a certain age your child should stop? Read on to find out when this natural habit could become problematic.

Thinking of another visit from the stork?

Are you ready to start thinking about a younger sibling for your baby? If so, here’s what you need to keep in mind before you prepare to keep growing your family.

Kid-proof your kitchen

Now that your baby is more mobile - take a fresh look at the hazards in your kitchen. Use our tips to make your kitchen safer.