Your Baby, Week 5


Dad smiling at his new babyYou may be wondering why your one-month-old suddenly has a face full of pimples like a teenager!

Baby acne is quite common. As your hormones leave your newborn’s system, the hormonal shifts can cause your baby’s oil glands to be stimulated.

You’ll probably notice it looking worse when your baby is crying or fussy, since crying increases blood flow to the skin.

Rest assured, baby acne should disappear within two to four weeks without any special care. Read more about common skin rashes in babies.

Finding a good day care

You may be anticipating a return to the workplace soon. Finding a reliable day care facility is an important task. Use our checklist.

Well child visits

Visiting your child's doctor will help ensure he or she is growing and developing. Learn about well child visits - when they occur and what to expect.

Back-to-work tips

Being a mom isn’t always easy, and neither is holding down a job. If you’re going to do both, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself for success in both roles.

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