Week 17: Feeling lightheaded?

happy pregnant redheaded womanIf you’re having dizzy spells, know that it’s not unusual for pregnant women to feel dizzy or lightheaded. Your body adds about 50 percent extra blood volume to meet the needs of your unborn baby’s circulation.

You may feel lightheaded if you get up quickly from a sitting position, or stand for long periods of time. This is because the extra fluid pools in your lower body away from your brain. Read about self-care steps to help prevent dizziness.

Of course, let your doctor or midwife know if you experience dizzy spells, and especially if you faint. While common, these symptoms might indicate other problems and need to be checked out.


Safety hazards

Whether it is how you take of your home or your body, there’s plenty you can do to ensure your little one’s safety before birth. Read about safety during your pregnancy.

The facts about anemia

Several types of anemia can occur in pregnancy. Learn about the symptoms, treatment and how to prevent anemia during your pregnancy.