Week 19: Listen Up!

happy expecting couple playing music for babyYour baby-to-be is really beginning to look like a newborn now.

By the start of next week, your unborn baby will weigh about 1 pound and be about 7.5 inches long. Within a few short weeks though, he will double in weight, and will weigh nearly 2 pounds.

  • Fine hair called lanugo covers his body.
  • A white, greasy substance called vernix protects his thin, wrinkled fetal skin.

Your unborn baby is now completely capable of hearing, and can even hear your voice! By 24 weeks, the fetus will have reached the earliest point for survival outside the womb.

Gestational Diabetes - what you need to know.

Between the 20 and 24th week of pregnancy, 3 to 8 percent of women will develop gestational diabetes. Read the facts and learn about the condition. If you already have diabetes, learn about managing your diabetes during pregnancy.

Benefits of fiber in your diet

Reducing your risk of constipation, as well as the serious complication preeclampsia, may be a benefit of eating more fiber. Read about the studies and benefits of fiber.