Week 20: Halfway!

lovely pregnant woman sitting on stairs with flowers

You’re halfway through your pregnancy! This is a significant milestone for you and your unborn baby. This is a time of:

  • Feeling good
  • Eating well
  • Planning for the rest of your pregnancy

By now, you probably are really beginning to show, and your physician may begin measuring your uterus. The length from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus (fundus) should just about equal your weeks of pregnancy.

At 23 weeks, the average woman will measure about 23 centimeters. This is a good way to keep track of fetal growth, since the uterus grows along with the baby.

Do some complications foretell a future risk of heart disease?

Is there a link between pregnancy complications and a woman’s risk of heart disease? Research suggests that there may be. Learn what to look for and how to keep yourself healthy.

About managing medications during your pregnancy

All medicines have certain risks and benefits, and each woman’s situation is different. Before you start—or stop—taking any over-the-counter, herbal, or prescription medicine, it’s important to consider the risks and benefits. What is safe and what should you avoid?

Stopped up?

Constipation - an uncomfortable, but not inevitable, complication of pregnancy. Learn what you can do to treat and avoid it.