Week 25: Growing Pains

happy family with pregnant mom, dad and dogHave you noticed a sharp cramp or shooting pain down the side of your abdomen when you move quickly, cough, or twist?

This pain is likely due to the growth of your uterus, and the resulting stretching and cramping of the two muscular cords called round ligaments. These ligaments run from the top of the uterus down each side into the groin area.

When the ligaments stretch, a spasm can occur, causing you pain. Warm baths, a heating pad, and rest can usually offer relief. To avoid round ligament pain, move slowly and change positions carefully.

Stay healthy with swimming

As your figure expands exercising can be a challenge. Staying fit while pregnant provides many benefits to you and your baby. A water workout can be fun and healthy.

Use caution to prevent toxoplamosis

Gardening or changing your cat's litter box should be done with special precautions when pregnant. Learn why, and what to avoid.

Preparing the family

A new baby brings new sounds, new schedules, and new ways of coping for everyone. Most families soon find ways to adjust to the changes that take place. But it is helpful to prepare some family members for what is ahead.