Week 29: Getting Prepared.

happy couple with baby bootiesYou’ll probably be seeing more of your doctor or midwife this trimester, as the schedule of prenatal visits changes from monthly to every two weeks.

In the last month of your pregnancy, prenatal visits may occur once every week. This will depend upon:

  • Your medical condition
  • The growth and development of your unborn baby
  • Your healthcare provider’s preference

It’s a good time to start taking childbirth classes in preparation for the big day—especially in the case of first pregnancies.

Childbirth classes cover labor, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum care, and more. Taking a class on infant CPR and emergency care is a wise idea, too. Find a childbirth class convenient for you at the Methodist Women's Hospital.

Deciding on a hospital

What questions should you consider when evaluating the hospital for your baby's birth?  We help you with questions to ask and evaluate.

Don't skip your checkups!

Complications are rare, but don't skip your checkups during your last trimester. Placenta complications can show up during your checkup.

Change in plans? Be prepared.

Sometimes babies come early - and sometimes your health requires you to be on early bedrest. These tips will help you prepare in case your labor or delivery dates are sooner than planned.