Week 30: Take care of yourself

beautiful pregnant woman in parkWhile pregnant, “eating for two” doesn’t mean doubling your portion sizes, unfortunately. Think of it this way: the foods you eat are providing essential nutrients for both you and your growing baby.

Getting enough calcium will help prevent you from losing your own bone density as the fetus uses calcium for bone growth.

Iron helps build the oxygen-carrying ability of blood that circulates through you and your unborn baby.

Folic acid plays an important role in the production of red blood cells and in the health of the placenta. So, keep taking your daily vitamin supplement! And, learn more about nutrition during pregnancy.

Reel in the benefits of fish

Studies have focused on the advantages of eating fish while pregnant. Read about the findings, and what types of fish to be careful to avoid.

Cool the heartburn

Your growing baby and changing body conspire to create heartburn. Learn how to cool the heat.

Lifting the burden of depression

The "baby blues" of post-partum depression get most of the publicity, but women are just as likely to feel depression during pregnancy. Learn about the symptoms and treatment.