Week 31: Watch for preterm labor

new family with babyStaying healthy during pregnancy includes keeping an eye out for signs or symptoms of problems. A hiccup shouldn’t send you to the emergency room, though!

Most pregnancies are normal and healthy. However, you should be aware of the signs of preterm labor. Preterm labor is labor that begins before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy.

Having your baby too early can mean serious health problems for your infant. If you experience uterine contractions, especially more than four in one hour; menstrual-type cramps; pelvic pressure; backache; intestinal upset, and/or vaginal discharge of blood, mucus, or water; call your doctor or midwife right away.

What does Dad expect when you are expecting?

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My aching back

Back pain is common in pregnancy. Learn about its causes and how to minimize the pain.

Steer clear of lead

Along with a new crib and new toys, many expecting parents get their baby's room ready with a new coat of paint. But before you strip the walls of the old paint, you should find out if your home has lead in it.   Find out what to look for and avoid.