Week 36: Up and down.

baby booties

Have you been a little on the emotional side lately? Irritable one minute and tearfully happy the next? Ah, the mysterious wonders of pregnancy hormones!

And it’s not just changing hormone levels affecting you right now—you may have difficulty sleeping due to your size and have concerns about labor and birth on your mind.

Meanwhile, your unborn baby’s kidneys, lungs, and brain continue to mature.

Your unborn baby can suck her thumb, cry, and hear and see.

The irises of her eyes are likely slate blue, but your child’s permanent eye color will not appear until several weeks or months after birth.

Choosing a pediatrician

Before baby is born you should find a health care provider who can provide specialized care for him or her. One type of provider is a pediatrician. Learn about this type of physician and what you may consider in choosing one.

Workplace hazards

Working outside the home during pregnancy is a decision between you and your doctor. Learn about areas of concern in the workplace.

Getting ready for baby at home

We've assembled a list of essential items and safety information to help you get ready for baby to come home!