Week 37: Getting ready for labor


mom with newborn babyIt’s been a long haul, but the end is in sight. You’re going to have a baby soon! Your body is gearing up for labor now.

Your unborn baby may have dropped down into your pelvis, which is called lightening. Once this happens, you may find you are not as short of breath anymore, but you will probably feel more pressure on your bladder and pelvic area.

As your cervix opens, the mucus plug, which has kept the cervix sealed during pregnancy, will begin to dislodge.

You may also feel like “nesting” and have a sudden urge to prepare everything at home for your new arrival.

Planning for your child's birth

Have you considered creating a birth plan? A written birth plan allows you to specify your preferences during labor and communicate them to your partner and your medical team.

What to bring to the hospital?

You never know when it will be time to go to the hospital, so now is the time to pack your bags, and have them ready. Check out our list of what to pack.