Week 6: Have you spread the news?

happy pregnant woman with positive test resultYou may still wait a while to tell friends and family, but as soon as you learn you are pregnant, be sure to let your doctor or midwife know.

You can schedule your first prenatal visit during the first 12 to 13 weeks after your last menstrual period.

This will be the first of many visits throughout your pregnancy, each designed to keep a watch on your health and the growth and development of your unborn baby.

Use these checkups to ask questions and learn more about your pregnancy. If you haven’t chosen healthcare provider yet, now is the time to make this decision.

You can use the Find an Expert feature of ParentSavvy to search for an OB.

Have you seen the Methodist Women's Hospital? Take a virtual tour.

Prenatal appointments - what to expect?

Prenatal visits with your doctor or midwife help ensure the health of both you and your baby. The frequency of visits, as well as the tests and concerns, change as your pregnancy advances. Read about what these will include, how often you will go and what your provider will look for.

Are you still smoking? Quit now for the greatest health benefit.

A study shows the advantage to your baby when you quit smoking early in your pregnancy. Read about the changes shown and why it is important.

Miscarriage - how to cope.

Shock, sadness, guilt and anxiety about future pregnancies are all feelings common with miscarriage. Learn about miscarriage and how to cope.