Week 8: Your first prenatal visit

Stethoscope listening to pregnant bellyYour first prenatal visit should be coming up soon, if you haven’t seen your doctor or midwife already. You probably have lots of questions!

Use this opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about pregnancy, your care, or your overall health.

At your appointment, you can expect to have your complete medical history taken and a physical exam conducted.

Your visit may include laboratory tests such as urine tests to screen for bacteria, sugar, and protein; and blood tests to determine blood type, Rh factor, and rubella immunity.

You may also be offered prenatal screening tests to help determine the risk for certain birth defects. Learn about the importance of prenatal visits.

Put down that bologna sandwich

When you are pregnant you need to be more careful with food bacteria. Although uncommon, an infection called listeria can be contracted from ready-to-eat foods that contain meat, poultry, or seafood, or unpasteurized dairy products. Learn ways to prevent listeria.

Factor in Rh

What is the Rh factor? Your physician will test your blood for this protein and potentially schedule later treatment.  Learn about the Rh factor and how it is treated.

Finding a health care provider

If you haven't already chosen an Obstetrician or Midwife, you can use our Find an Expert section of ParentSavvy.

Methodist Women's Hospital Omaha NebraskaYou might also be interested in taking a virtual tour of the new Methodist Women's Hospital to check out all the amenities and safety built into the design.