Week 9: All systems go.

pregnant mom's hands form heart over her babyAt the beginning of this week, your unborn baby is 1 to 1 ½ inches long. Although he’s only about the length of a paperclip, all his major organs and body systems have been formed and continue to develop.

His arms and legs are clearly visible now, and his facial features—eyes, nose, ears, and mouth—are becoming more distinct.

Your unborn baby’s mouth is developing tooth buds, which will eventually become baby teeth.

And although you won’t feel your unborn baby move until the second trimester, the embryo is in a constant state of motion.

Learn about fetal development during the first trimester.

What should I be eating?

The old adage of "eating for two" gives a 'super-sized' impression of your nutritional needs when pregnant. You should increase your calories by just 300, and be sure you are following a healthy eating plan.

Are you carrying more than one?

What are the symptoms of a multiple pregnancy and how is it diagnosed? Learn about prenatal care to help ensure a healthy pregnancy. What tests and prenatal care will you need?

Test your knowledge

Try our online quiz to see how much you know about having a healthy pregnancy.

Finding a health care provider

If you haven't already chosen an Obstetrician or Midwife, you can use our Find an Expert section of ParentSavvy.

Methodist Women's Hospital Omaha NebraskaYou might also be interested in taking a virtual tour of the new Methodist Women's Hospital to check out all the amenities and safety built into the design.